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Virus Help Denmark

                 Contact Name               E-Mail
                 Jan Andersen               Jan's contact form
                 Lars P. Kristensen         form not available
                 Torben Danoe               form not available
                 Henrik Lauridsen           form not available
                 Jan Nielsen                form not available
                 Jan Erik Olausen           Retired from Amiga support
                 VHT-DK Webmaster           web-master at
                 * VHT Amiga & PC Forum [ Dowm ]
                 * old VHT-DK Amiga Forum [ Down ]

Virus Help Team Canada

                 Contact Name               E-Mail
                 Charlene McNulty           Charlene's contact form
                 Alex van Niel              Alex's contact form
                 VHT-CAN Webmaster          vht-can webmaster contact form
                 * Canadian Mirror

Virus Help Team Netherlands

                 Contact Name               E-Mail
                 Alex van Niel              Alex's contact form
                 Charlene McNulty           Charlene's contact form
                 VHT-NL Webmaster           vht-nl webmaster contact form
                 * Netherlands Mirror

Group of Services From The Virus Help Teams

Online Service Description * Anti-Virus Software Grab your favorite Amiga anti-virus program. There will always be the latest releases here, including the required libraries like Xvs and the latest boot-disks * POP3 Webmail You are able to pick up and send mail from any of your pop3 accounts. Works okay in Lynx * VHT Amiga & PC Forums Forum Archives * Online Chat Chat online with team members. Webchat timezone is presently set to Eastern Time [GMT -05:00] * Virus Alerts Maillist Alerts and announcements Signup Online Signup for free virus alerts at Yahoo! Groups Signup by e-mail Unsubscribe by e-mail

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