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   * Alex van Niel's Personal Homepage at Virus Help Team Canada
   * Charlene's Canadian Personal Site
   * Commodore CDTV Information Center website
   * E-Mail Service
   * Fastmail Help forum at
   * Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI): Stop Static Safety Campaign
     Stop Static Guidelines [local]
   * Translate English to German, Spanish, French, Italian & Portuguese
   Location       Contact Name         E-Mail
   * Canada       Charlene McNulty     VHT-Canada contact form
                  Alex van Niel        vht-nl contact form
                  VHT-CAN Webmaster    VHT-Canada contact form
                  Canadian Mirror
   * Denmark      Jan Andersen         vht-dk contact form
                  Jan Erik Olausen     Retired from Amiga support
                  Lars P. Kristensen   Retired from PC support
                  Torben Danoe         Retired from PC support
                  Henrik Lauridsen     Retired from PC support
                  Jan Nielsen          Retired from PC support
                  VHT-DK Webmaster     web-master at
     Dec 25, 2005 VHT Amiga Forum      [old Amiga Forum at Bravenet]
   * Netherlands  Alex van Niel        vht-nl contact form
                  Charlene McNulty     Use VHT-Canada contact form
                  VHT-NL Webmaster     vht-nl contact form
                  Netherlands Mirror

   * Norway       Helge Syre           helgsyre at
     Mar 03, 2001 Site is presently down.
     Nov 01, 2000 Virus Help Team Norway issued an Announcement in
                  regards to their non-operational status at the moment.
                  Please check back to the News Page for any further
                  developments on when their webpage will again be
                  online and active.
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   Virus Help Teams Service  Description
   * Mail2Web POP3 Webmail   Since our cgispy pop3 service stopped working,
                             Charlene suggests using Mail2Web to pick up and
                             send from any of your pop3 or imap accounts.
   * VHT Amiga & PC Forums   Forum Archives
   * Online Chat             Chat online with team members. Webchat timezone
                             is presently set to Eastern Time [GMT -05:00]
   * Virus Alerts Maillist   Alerts and announcements
     Signup Online           Signup for free virus alerts at Yahoo! Groups
     Signup by e-mail        vht-can-subscribe at
     Unsubscribe by e-mail   vht-can-unsubscribe at
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AmigaD Amiga

   Program Name        Author Name         E-Mail
   Anti- Virus Boot Disks
                       Virus Help Denmark  vht-dk contact form
   CheckX              Dirk Stöcker        [website]
   MILL & Safe         Zbigniew `Zeeball` Trzcionkowski
                                           zeeball at
   VirusCheckerII      Alex van Niel       vht-nl contact form
                       John Veldthuis      (original developer)
   VC-II Free Keyfile  Alex van Niel       vht-nl contact form
   VirusCheckerNG      Alex van Niel       vht-nl contact form
   VirusChecker and Virus Help Mailinglist Subscribe Online
   * [Description]
     The VirusCheckerII mailinglist was created to aid users of the program
     Virus Checker II when they have problems, and also for use of any other
     virus related problem. We will also deal with problems with other virus
     killers. This Amiga specific list is also open to other platform users.
   VirusExecutor       Jan Erik Olausen
   VirusSlayer II      Martin Zemblowski   dran at
   VirusSlayer Extras  Charlene            VHT-Canada feedback form
   VirusZ II & III     Georg Hörmann       contact form
   VT-Schutz           Heiner Schneegold   Heiner.Schneegold at
   Program Name        Author Name         E-Mail
   VirusWarning Guide  Jan Andersen VHT-DK vht-dk contact form
   VHT-DK Alerts       Jan Andersen VHT-DK vht-dk contact form
   VHT-DK Forums       Jan Andersen VHT-DK vht-dk contact form
   VHT Alert and Announcement Maillist     Subscribe Online
   * [Description]
     Welcome to the Virus Help Teams maillist. If you join this maillist,
     you will recive email's about new updates of all the great Amiga anti-
     virus programs (eg. VirusZ, VirusChecker, VT-Schutz, VirusExecutor and
     xvs.library). You will also recieve email's when a new virus or trojan
     is found. Notices can come from any of the lists owners, which is Jan
     of vht-dk, Alex of vht-nl or myself Charlene of vht-can.
   VT Docs (German)    Heiner Schneegold   Heiner.Schneegold at
   VT Docs (English)   Thorsten Behrens    thorsten.behrens at
   VirusZ Doc (Danish) (original developer)
   Program Name        Author Name         E-Mail
   MCC_NList           NList Open Source Team
                       Gilles Masson       masson at
                       Sebastian Bauer     sebauer at
   MCC_SpeedBar        Simone Tellini      wiz at
   reqtools.library    Magnus Holmgren     cmh at
                       Nico Frangois       (original developer)
   reqtools.library    AROS Team           digulla at
                       Magnus Holmgren     (original library)
                       Nico Frangois       (original developer)
   xadmaster.library   Dirk Stöcker        [website]
   [000 / 020 / 060]
   XAD Free Keyfile    Dirk Stöcker        [website]
   xfdmaster.library   Georg Hörmann      contact form
                       Dirk Stöcker        [website]
   xpkmaster.library   Christian von Roques / Urban Dominik Mueller /
                       Dirk Stöcker        [website]
   xvs.library         Georg Hörmann       contact form
                       Alex van Niel       (Dec 1999 - Jun 2001)
   Program Name          Author Name       E-Mail
   Disk Archiver: DMS    SDS Software      see the dms Readme file
   Checksum tool: md5sum Peter Simons      simons at
   SimpleHTML            Sebastian Bauer   sebauer at
   VirusSlayer Extras    Charlene          VHT-Canada feedback form
   Voodoo-X              Andrew Bell       mechanismx at
   XAD Clients Guide     Stuart Kyzer Caie kyzer at
                         Dirk Stöcker      [website]
   XPKGuide              Simon Dick        sidick at
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WindowsD Windows
   Program Name        Author Name          Website
   F-Prot              Frisk Software       Frisk Software Home Page
   F-Prot Support      Frisk Software       FAQ and Other Issues
   F-Prot AntivirusTM  Frisk Software       For WinXP and higher
                                            FP-Win download info available here
   Anti-Virus Products Sensible Security    Canada's AntiVirus Professionals
   Virus & News Alerts Kaspersky Labs       Subscribe Online
   * [Description]
     You will recieve info when Kaspersky Lab News Agent has a report in
     the way of new viruses, worms and trojans.
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MacintoshD Macintosh
   * MacFixIt Troubleshooting Solutions
   * MacFixIt Forums: AntiVirus Software
   Program Name        Author Name          Website
   Agax                John Dalgliesh       Agax Home Page
   Autostart Hunter    Yukos World Co. Ltd. Autostart Hunter Homepage
   DelProtect          Ioannis Galidakis    DelProtect Homepage
   Disinfectant        John Norstad         Disinfectant 3.6 Review
   Eradicator          Unknown              MacUser Software Central
   Norton AntiVirus    Symantec Corporation Symantec NAV for Macintosh
   Scanner             Ioannis Galidakis    Scanner Homepage
   StuffIt Expander    Aladdin Systems, Inc Macintosh Version
   Tracker             Ioannis Galidakis    Tracker Homepage
   Anti-Virus Software Tucows               Macintosh Virus Scanners
   Anti-Virus Software Software Central     Mac Search word: virus
   Anti-Virus Products Sensible Security    Canada's AntiVirus Professionals
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LinuxD Linux
   Program Name        Author Name          Website
   Aladdin Expander    Aladdin Systems, Inc Linux Version
   AMaViS              Three Authors        AMaViS Homepage
   F-Prot              Frisk Software       Frisk Software Home Page
   F-Prot Support      Frisk Software       FAQ and Other Issues
   F-Prot AntivirusTM  Frisk Software       For Linux operating systems
                                            FP-Linux Download info available here
   Anti-Virus Products Sensible Security    Canada's AntiVirus Professionals
   VirusScan Validate  McAfee               McAfee Mall
   VirusScan Validate  Tucows               Preview VirusScan Validate
   Virus & News Alerts Kaspersky Labs       Subscribe Online
   * [Description]
     You will recieve info when Kaspersky Lab News Agent has a report in
     the way of new viruses, worms and trojans.
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MiscellaneousD Miscellaneous
   * Virus Help Denmark - Report Form for Amiga Virus Spreading Websites
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                      E I C A R * W A R N I N G !!!
       [ Any usage of the test files you do on your own risk ]

  a) EICAR: European Institute for Computer Anti-Virus Research
     The EICAR test file is designed for users and administrators who
     want to check the proper operation of their anti-virus software
     without using actual viruses. Works on any platform.
  b) EICAR and Amiga Virus Test File info at VHT Canada
     EICAR eicar_com Read Me
     Amiga TestVirus Read Me
  c) Amiga TestVirus Test File at Dirk Stoecker's Anti-Virus Site
     This TestVirus archive includes a set of testfiles, also for people
     who want to check the proper operation of their anti-virus software
     without using actual viruses. These files will be reported as virus
     infected if your anti-virus system is properly installed. Dirk says
     if your software does not report back that the files are virus
     infected, you should update or change your system.
  d) Anti-Virus/AntiMalware Scanner-Tests Results
     Virus TestCenter, University of Hamburg has their test results they
     preformed on  available anti-virus programs.  This includes Malware
     Warnings, lists of known Macro and Script Viruses, along with their
     Anti-Virus/AntiMalware Scanner-Tests which includes Amiga, Mac & PC
   * AVIEN        Anti-Virus Information Exchange Network
   * BugNet:      Alerts and News Listing
     Supplier of software bug fix alerts and news. There are a few free
     alerts, but you need to pay a yearly fee in order to read most of fixes
     they have listed.
   * CAI:         Virus Information Center
     Computer Associates International, Inc.  They did supply free antivirus
     software for personal use, which was called InoculateIT. As of June 7,
     2001, InoculateIT is no longer free, except to those people who already
     had it registered.
   * CERT:        Coordination Center Alerts
                  Malicious Web Scripts FAQ
                  Instructions on disabling active scripting
     CERT Coordination Center is part of the Software Engineering Institute.
     The Software Engineering Institute is operated by Carnegie Mellon
     University for the Department of Defense in the USA.
   * CIAC:        Security Resources
                  Bulletins and Advisories
     CIAC is from the US Department of Energy, and the intitials stand for
     Computer Incident Advisory Capability.
   * Crypto-Gram: Computer and Network Security
   * CIO Alarmed: Security and Privacy Research Center
   * FBI:         Federal Bureau of Investigation
                  FBI Press Room
   * F-Secure:    Virus Information Center
                  Latest Fifty warnings
     F-Secure Corporation, one of the world's leading developers of anti-virus
     and encryption software.
   * Frisk:       Frisk Software Home Page
                  F-Prot FAQ and Other Issues
                  FRISK Software's Guidelines for Safe Computing
                  How to scan and disinfect in DOS-mode using F-Prot for DOS
                  Am I protected?
                  - To find out whether your computer is protected against
                  the latest virus threats, you can go through this checklist
                  I think I have a virus
                  - To learn the reactions that Frisk virus experts recommend
                  when facing a possible infection, read this article. The
                  correct reactions to a possible infection can make a
                  tremendous difference in the protection of your data. 

   * Foundstone:  Advisories
     Foundstone, Inc. is committed to discovering and publishing new
     vulnerabilities in a helpful and responsible manner. They publish
     online security advisories.
   * Grisoft:     AVG Anti-Virus detection system
   * ICSA:        Anti-Virus Page
                  Anti-Virus Alerts (Not dated)
     International Computer Security Association.
   * Kaspersky:   News / Virus Alerts
                  Kaspersky Guide to help you detect virus hoaxes
                  Kaspersky Virus Encyclopedia
                  Kaspersky(TM)Free Online virus scan
                  Subscribe online to KLabs Virus Alerts & Virus News
     Kaspersky Labs is an international anti-virus software development

   * LWN:         Linux Weekly News - Daily Alerts and News
   * MicroSoft:   Security Anti-virus Information
                  Current Security Bulletins
                  Subscribe to MS Security Notification
   * NAI:         New Viruses
     Network Associates Inc. (Nasdaq: NETA) is an independent network
     security and management software company. Their list of products
     include McAfee anti-virus, Gauntlet firewall, Magic Help Desk
     applications, and the Sniffer family of network analyzers.
   * OCIPEP       Alerts and Advisories
     This is the Canadian Office of Critical Infrastructure Protection and
     Emergency Preparedness. When the situation warrants, OCIPEP issues
     Advisories to communicate information about potential, imminent or
     actual threats, vulnerabilities or incidents assessed by OCIPEP as
     limited in scope but having possible impact on the Government of
     Canada or other sectors of Canada's critical infrastructure. 
   * PGP Corp     Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
   * PGP Freeware PGP USA/Canadian (at MIT)
                  [ MIT has discontinued the pgp freeware downloads ]
                  PGP International (at PGPi)
     PGP Corporation has revived the development of PGP for Windows XP and
     Mac OS X, which had stalled under NAI. Free versions for personal use
     are still available at MIT or PGP International.
   * RSA Security RSA Laboratories
                  Cryptography FAQ

   * Symantec     Latest Virus Threats
                  Reference Area
                  How to make a backup of the Windows registry
     Symantec Corporation are the distributors of Norton AntiVirus software.
     They also have an excellent reference area, which includes White Papers
     on such things as Threats to WAP Enabled Devices.
   * Trend Micro  HouseCall: free on-line virus scanner
     Trend Micro, Incorporated, has their ICSA Certified HouseCall on-line
     virus scanner. HouseCall users are asked to register before scanning
     their computer.
   * UNIRAS       Alerts and Briefing Notices
     Uniras is part of NISCC (National Infrastructure Security Co-ordination
   * Virus Hoaxes Guide to help you detect virus hoaxes from Kaspersky Labs
   * Virus Encyclopedia from Kaspersky Labs
   * Virus Scan: Kaspersky(TM)Free Online virus scan
   * Virus TestCenter, University of Hamburg
   * Virus Help Teams:
     Canada       Amiga Warnings
                  Windows Warnings
                  Mac Warnings
                  Linux Warnings
                  Misc and HOAX Warnings
                  PGP in the news
     Denmark      Amiga Warnings
     Netherlands  Warnings [English]
                  Warnings [Dutch]
   * ZDNet:       HACKERS: ZDNet Hackers News Special Articles
                  FAQ: The Code Red threat
     ZDNet UK answers common questions about the Code Red worm.
   * ZoneLabs:    ZoneAlarm (free personal firewall for Wintel PCs)
                  Service & Support FAQ
                  ZoneAlarm Installation & Uninstallation FAQ
                  ZoneLabs Forum
     ZoneAlarm personal firewall automatically blocks dangerous Internet
     threats - known and unknown - guarding your PC from hackers and data
     thieves. It provides the basic protection individuals need to secure
     their PC and keep their valuable information private.
   * Hoax Warnings: F-Secure
                    NAI Virus Library - Hoaxes
                    NAI Virus Library - Hoaxes
                    CIAC Internet Hoaxes page
                    Urban Legends and Folklore
                    Computer Virus Myths [formerly kumite]
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   Computer Specific News and General Bugs:
   Amiga News ............ VHT Announcement Maillist
                           VHT-Denmark News
                           VHT-Netherlands News [English]
                           Amiga Headquarters
                           AmigArt News [database]
                           Amiga Network News [ANN]
                           Czech Amiga News
                  News and Forums
                           AmigaFiles News [FredFish searchs]
                           Amiga-news [English]
                           Amiga-News Amiga Link Directory
                           Amiga-news Amiga Link Directory (old url)
   Macintosh ............. Apple Press Releases
   Mac and PC ............ Arizona State U Anti-Virus News and Updates
   PC and Windows ........ MSNBC TechNews
   Linux ................. Linux Weekly Alerts + News
                           Linux Weekly Alerts + News Possibly Outdated
                  Security Newsletters
   News Read for All ..... MSNBC Bug of the Day
                           BugNet: Alerts and News Listing
                           CERT Steps for Recovering From a Root Compromise
                           F-Secure Tips To Avoid Computer Worms
                           DShield - Top 10 Targeted Ports / Port of The Day
   News Sources Around the World:
   Worldnews ............. BBC: British Broadcasting Corp.
                           BBC News: Sci/Tech Homepge
                           BBC News: America
                           E-Commerce Times: News
                           Globe & Mail: Newstech
                           MaxFreedom: Personal Freedom Issues
                           National Post: Headlines
                           National Post: TechNews
                           The Register UK
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